Mobile Marine Detailer Servicing the Charlotte and Sarasota County Areas! 

Vito’s Mobile Detailing is a very professional detailing service which specializes in large boats. We take our time and take pride in our work. Our job is not finished until you are happy! We also do cars, SUV’s, air planes, and RV’s. Vito’s prides itself on providing the best service and craftsmanship around!!
Vito’s mobile detailing is fully insured which allows us to work with many boat yards and marinas in the area, on a regular basis. We only use the highest grade compounds (3M), acrylic sealants and marine waxes.
Our goal at Vito’s Mobile Detailing is to protect your boat from the dreaded paint shop! We provide full service detailing and maintenance packages to all our clients, available to ensure your investment is kept at the highest level for years to come. Don’t let time, the elements and lack of proper care wear on your boat!! 


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